Bloody history

The Amersfoort (NL)-based quartet formed originally in 2000, but that first run was a brief one.

The band broke up in 2003 and it seemed like their album ‘Section 8’ as well as their name were destined to molder forever in obscurity.

Until drummer Edwin Nederkoorn and guitarist Winfred Koster reunited with the help of other Dutch death metalers in 2015. The band gained a record deal with Sleaszy Rider records and since then Bloodphemy have released a 2016 EP ‘Blood Will Tell’ and the album ‘Bloodline’ in 2017.

To promote these albums the band crushed stages in Germany, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia and Holland on festivals like Czech Death fest, Kaltenbach open air, Headbangers Bash, Gothoom and many others.

And now the Dutch death metal group released ‘In Cold Blood’ via Black Lion records (2019).

Ten tracks in length, more classic sounding than old school and without the slightest hint of pretension. In Cold Blood represents some real, straight-for-the-throat, outrageously violent death metal! With a mighty brutal wall of sound produced at the Soundlodge Studio by Jörg Uken.

Drawing influence from Florida, Sweden and their Dutch heritage while at the same time these blood-obsessed Dutchmen distinguish themselves from the horde with clever guitarwork and plenty of unique groove.

Line up:

Olivier – vocals
Winfred – guitar
Arjan -guitar
Robin – bass
Edwin – drums

Label: Black Lion records
Endorsements: BC Rich, Cympad, Amedia & Ballbex

Bloodphemy’s timeline


  • The rise of Bloodphemy with:
  • Wicliff Wolda (Beyond Belief) on bass
  • Winfred Koster (Alterizer, ex Pleurisy) on guitar
  • Mathieu van Hamersveld (Pleurisy) on vocals
  • Edwin Nederkoorn (Pleurisy) on drums


  • Bloodphemy recorded their first album Section 8
  • Edwin Nederkoorn left Bloodphemy to focus more on Pleurisy
  • Quint Meerbeek (Bodyfarm) joins Bloodphemy to replace Edwin on drums
  • Bloodphemy comes to a full stop


  • Bloodphemy was revived
  • Wicliff Wolda on bass
  • Winfred Koster on guitar
  • Edwin Nederkoorn on drums
  • Rutger van Noordenburg (Pestilence, Bleeding Gods, Shinigami) on guitar
  • Arnold Oude Middendorp (ex-Altar, ex Devious) on vocals
  • Bloodphemy re-recorded the song Blood for Me from the Section 8 album (mixed and mastered by Harris Johns)
  • Bloodphemy recorded the Blood Will Tell ep.


  • Bloodphemy signed a 2-album deal with Sleaszy Rider records
  • Release from the lyric video Folie à Deux
  • Release from the ep Blood Will Tell
  • Arnold left Bloodphemy
  • Session vocalist Dirk Willems (ex-Usthor, ex-Deatmarch, Codex Mortis) replaces Arnold for the recordings of the Bloodline album
  • Release from the videoclip ‘Catch 23’


  • Bloodphemy signs at Doc-agency
  • Release from the lyric video ‘Void’
  • Olivier van der Kruijf (Grindpad, ex-Judgement Day, ex-departure) joined Bloodphemy on vocals
  • Bloodphemy released their third album ‘Bloodline’
  • Rutger left Bloodphemy
  • Michel Alderliefsten (Neoceasar, ex-Sinister) replaces Rutger on guitar
  • Bloodphemy released a music video for ‘Annihilation’


  • Founding member Wicliff left Bloodphemy
  • Robin Zwiep (Meadows, ex-KhaoZ) replaced Wicliff on bass
  • Bloodphemy signs a new record deal at Black Lion records
  • Bloodphemy leaves at Doc-agency
  • Bloodphemy signs at All Metal agency
  • Michel left Bloodphemy


  • Release from the lyric video ‘Out of the Box’
  • Release of the album ‘In Cold Blood’
  • Release from the music video ‘Chamber of Horrors’
  • Arjan van Dune (Codex Mortis, ex-Funeral Whore, ex-Usthor) replaces Michel on guitar